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Family Collection

1 Hour | $275 | 30 Digital Images


I love how each family is different and each child comes with their own personalities. I want to help make those personalities shine in your photos. We do that by relaxed play rather than poses. I want to capture your family in their natural element using storytelling photography to capture the things about your family that really matter.  This session can be either outdoors or in the comfort of your home.  During a family session we will play games, have tickle fights and use tons of kisses and snuggles. A family may like to pick an activity to do together to capture relaxed enjoyment such as baking cookies (if indoors) or reading books. Each session is one hour (too much longer and kids tend to lose interest). If you have little kids (under 5) I work very quickly as their joy is brought out through play and love but patience is lost quickly as attention spans wear out. Let's capture what makes your family special and unique. Let's capture your family how they are today and build memories together. 

1 Hour | Starts at $275 | 30 Digital Images


This package is to capture the whole family. I have a big family and so I know how important it is to get pictures of the entire family when we are all together. It can be hard but as a family grows older and bigger nothing feels better than the unity of a big extended family picture! I have designed this package to start at the same rate as my family sessions with an extra fee for each added family unit. 

Extended Family Collection

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