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Through a Child's Eyes

I love how the littlest dumb or mundane things can become magical through my child's eyes. It amazes me that by having this tiny human around my eyes are opened to the beauty of this earth. I have never felt more fulfilled than I have sitting in the back yard gazing at clouds with my little buddy.

A few days ago I happened to have my camera on had while we were raking the leaves in the backyard. Levi was in sweet sweet heaven. He was jumping rolling and begging to be buried. His laugh fills my soul and brings me so much joy. Before Levi was born my brother told me that having a child makes life so much more meaningful. That something as dull as staying home and watching TV even felt meaningful because they were at home with their little buddy. I never really understood that until here I am staying home so I can put Levi to bed on time; tucking him in and doing our hilarious routine of giving kisses through bars of the crib. I couldn't be happier nor feel more love.

Take pictures of the mundane because they are precious with a child. Capture those funny little moments before they are gone forever. Capture the magic that your child sees. Capture it through your child's eyes.

UM yes. The gunk on his face in this next one is bits of leaves stuck in his dripping nose.

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