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Calgary Milestone Session at 3 Months

When it comes to photographing babies, milestone sessions are some of my favorites.

At three months old, babies are starting to develop their personalities and show more of their unique characteristics. This

is a great time to capture some of those sweet smiles, giggles, and curious expressions. A milestone session can be a great alternative if you didn't get a chance to book your newborn session in time.

For this particular session, I visited the family's home to photograph their little one. The first thing I did was to scout out the best location for photos. In this case, we chose the bedroom, which had plenty of natural light and a cozy atmosphere. Their bed was a simple backdrop that allowed for us to really focus on the family themselves and how they interacted. The snuggles, hugs and kisses that are so sweet for this sort of session.

I always like to start my family sessions by getting to know the baby and their family. This helps me create a more relaxed and comfortable environment, which leads to better photos. With this sweet little one, I spent some time playing and talking with him before we began taking photos.

My favorite part about this session is that this baby was happiest when his mom, dad or big sister were talking to him. He kept giving me serious side eye but when his daddy got right in his face he was so happy and started talking right back. So at one point I asked dad to get real close and have a little chat and we had the most tender moment. You can tell this babe is going to be a daddy's boy.


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