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Lifestyle Newborn Session with plants and kitties

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Unlike traditional newborn photography sessions, which often involve posed shots with props and backdrops, a lifestyle session focuses on capturing your family in your natural environment. This might mean taking photos in your home, in your nursery, or in a favorite outdoor location. The goal is to capture the genuine moments and emotions that arise as you get to know your new baby.

This newborn session was one of my favourites for three reasons.

Reason number one was their plants. This home was my VIBE. Seriously the amount of pretty plants in this house made my heart happy and gave me serious goals. Not going

to lie, I may or may not have gone out and bought a few more to fill out my own shelves. You could tell that this family had put a lot of care and effort into making their house a home.

Reason number two was their pets. All the people that know me knows that I am a HUGE sucker for fur babies.

They had the sweetest kitties that were popping in and out of the session. This is one of the thing that makes an in-home newborn session so sweet. You can really capture what it is like in those first few months of having your baby. This includes your pets. You aren't usually going to bring your pets to a studio newborn session but they are already at your home during a lifestyle session! Your pets are always going to be so curious about your new family addition and sometimes even a little jealous of the attention they are getting. This sweet cat wanted to get in on the cuddles and love that baby boy was getting which actually ended up being some of the coolest shots. It really shows exactly what this family is like and tells the story of this families first weeks of parenthood.

Reason number three was that baby boy was the most relaxed and sleepy little buddy around. Especially in the warm living room he was ready to just relax with daddy. We didn't even need to have him dressed thanks to the big windows letting the warmth of the sunshine in. Usually during a newborn session a space heater can be used to help make baby feel warm, snug and sleepy even if we are moving them around. This baby though didn't even need a space heater. He was the most relaxed and sleepy little angel which made my job pretty easy.

I love these lifestyle sessions and wish that I could do one every week. They make my heart so happy. With a little preparation and a lot of love, your lifestyle newborn session in a house with lots of plants and sweet kitties will be a beautiful and memorable experience. So snuggle up with your furry friends, soak in the beauty of your greenery, and enjoy this special time with your new family.

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