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Calgary Temple Wedding

This Wedding was such a wonderful day. Bryan & Rebecca were both bursting with joy. You could tell they were just meant for each other.

My favorite moment from the day was when they came out of the temple after their ceremony. They were both just beaming and everyone around them were clapping and you could just feel the love. Hugs and love from all their adult children and family around that had made it to the temple to congratulate the couple.

The Calgary LDS Temple is a stunning venue for any wedding, with its white spires and elegant architecture serving as a breathtaking backdrop for the ceremony. They temple grounds are also beautifully landscaped, offering a variety of stunning settings for capturing memorable moments before and after the ceremony.

If you have never been to a LDS wedding then you should know that you can't attend the ceremony unless you are an endowed member of the LDS church. This means that as the couple leaves the temple, they are greeted by friends and family who shower them with love and congratulations. This is a wonderful opportunity to capture candid, joyful moments as they newlyweds embark on their journey together.

Rebecca has a whole collection of vintage jackets and so she picked out the perfect turquoise coat to wear over her wedding dress. I loved the pop of colour and personality it brought at the same time as keeping Rebecca warm for her winter wedding bridal portraits. We were lucky enough to have a rare warm winter day that wasn't brought on by a chinook! It was warm, sunny and not even windy! This couple started their marriage off with incredible weather luck.

Another one of my favourite moments from the day was, ironically, was after most of Bryan and Rebecca's guests had left. Since many of their children weren't able to be in the ceremony earlier they exchanged rings at sunset with just their kids around them. It was such a sweet quiet moment and a really beautiful way to end the day.


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