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Dola Greenhouse Maternity Session

I love doing maternity sessions. There is so much anticipation and excitement that comes during pregnancy. These beautiful mothers have been literally growing a human inside of them for 9 months and are about to become the fiercest of protectors for a little smush that will instantly capture everyone's heart. But at this moment they are keeping them safe from anything that could harm them as they lay down the biological roots that will make up the rest of their lives.

Nicole and Brandon were so cute to work with. Their excitement was contagious and they clearly can't wait to meet their little girl.

We escaped the cold choosing to go to the Salisbury Greenhouse to stay warm and bring some of those beautiful greens to offset the warm tones of the dress for this session. If you haven't ever been to the Salisbury Greenhouse you need to get yourself there. I am a bit of plant enthusiast and the staff here were so helpful and kind that I couldn't help but leave with a new plant baby after our session.

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