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Rundle Park Family Session

Sometimes you do something completely miserable but it is totally worth it. That describes this session. The night we went out to do this session there was a biting cold wind that ripped through us. This family banded together in the cold and it was absolutely worth it. Look at the soft light that came from the river in these shots! Not to mention it was the golden hour which made for beautiful lighting. This kind of light is what I live for in photography. I love how it can makes the back of the hair shine and bring dimension into your image. I was basically all heart eyes if you know what I mean. But it wasn't all gold and sunshine.

When I got down to Rundle Park I was expecting to take beautiful images around the ponds of the Park. Turns out they had just drained the ponds and turned off the fountains days ago. Lucky for all of us I always try to be a half an hour early for my sessions to scope out the location. I remembered that Rundle Park has an awesome bridge that leads into Gold Bar park. Turns out, this very edge of Rundle Park into Gold Bar is my new favourite place for family photo shoots! Thank goodness it can never hurt to be early.

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