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My First Solo Wedding

Lanieca and Dallin were so amazing to work with. They are so in love and it was hard not to feel giddy and emotional while taking their pictures. They would do something cute and unprompted and I would start giggling in excitement about how gorgeous they looked. Then they would breathe into each other and I would legitimately tear up. Not even lying. I spent a lot of this beautiful day crying. I was a kind of a mess emotionally (you know in the spare non-photography moments).

This was my first solo wedding! Lanieca and Dallin were brave enough to take a chance on me and I am SO grateful! I had an amazing time and left feeling so confident afterwards!

We started in Calgary at the LDS Calgary Temple and the lighting was pretty difficult because it was high noon and blaring bright sun. But we were lucky enough to find some shade and still get some images with the beautiful building. This image above was right after Dallin and Lanieca had left the Temple. I know Lanieca was looking forward to this moment. The moment where they get to make their official marriage public to any who couldn't attend the ceremony and the first time everyone can celebrate them.

The weather was gorgeous which made for a lovely time in the park to take formals and bridal party shots. The bridal party was a blast and had hilarious ideas to add to the pictures. I love that the groomsmen played right into the photo prompts. They brought energy into the pictures themselves because they were making everyone laugh.

When it came right down to it this was a beautiful and entertaining day! During the reception words to describe this couple were things like: kind, loving, caring, light, and thoughtful. You could see that in the way that they treat each other and their friends and family. I had a wonderful time being part of your special day and catching the intimate moments. I know you will make the best of this beautiful marriage adventure!

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