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Pregnancy Glow

Is pregnancy glow a myth? I know that when I was 8 months pregnant I certainly didn't feel like I was glowing. I felt awkward and in the way. Not to mention emotional! I remember crying once when I was asked to sit on the bench side of a restaurant table! However, all this aside I think that to everyone else pregnant woman glow. I mean, just take a look at Ashton in these pictures!!

To everyone else a pregnant woman can be beautiful. I think this is what we call the pregnancy glow. Maybe we can blame the hormones that are increasing the blood volume in a mother's face. Or maybe it is the excitement that comes with the potential that that tiny baby brings. You know that the little baby will bring so much joy and life into the world. You see her and know that she is about to perform a miracle. That she has a beautiful child that is growing and developing. How beautiful is that potential? It is so beautiful that is shines for every one else to see. You can see it in their face despite the discomfort they are probably feeling.

This session I could see that glow in Ashton. We had so much fun joking about channeling the "inner mother". Yet, all joking aside I could see it in her face. The "inner mother" if you will or "pregnancy glow". Whether it is hormones and blood or that I can see the potential of a beautiful small child, Ashton was glowing in all of her images. I was so happy to capture this moment before her family grows and changes forever. I would say that Ashton proves in these photos that pregnancy glow is NOT a myth.

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