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Sunflower Anniversary Session

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

It's been a real hot minute since I've last blogged my last session and the Fall was full of craziness. However, I wanted to pause and share a few of my favorite sessions with you no matter how late it may seem. Starting with this Anniversary session I shot back in September.

I had the honor of taking this couple's wedding pictures the year before. They were my very first solo wedding. I was so grateful that they trusted me to take pictures of their special day. Fast forward a year later and they were ready to get Anniversary pictures done! I think that after your first year of marriage your commitment level and love has grown so much for each other and I love that they decided to celebrate that love by getting a photoshoot and preserving those memories.

I wanted to do something special for them and I had heard that the sunflowers had bloomed at the Edmonton Corn Maze. The flowers along with the golden hour (right before sunset) made for simply MAGICAL images. It was super busy but were able to find a quiet corner of the sunflower maze to take some really pretty pictures. I would love to go and do another session next at this beautiful and unique location.

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